Play Reversi on your LAUNCHPAD

Play Reversi on your LAUNCHPAD

The novation LAUNCHPAD Mini is a compact and affordable Launchpad grid instrument, which is normally used for triggering clips, playing drum racks, and things like that. This sample project demonstrates how to use popular hardware in a totally new sense. It uses the USB MIDI class to build a nice version of the well-known game Reversi. The LAUNCHPAD mini is used to visualize the moves and at the same time game pad.

Just flash the application into your evaluation board, connect the LAUNCHPAD Mini and start playing.

The sample project is build for SEGGER’s emPower-USB-Host board, but the sample application can be ported easily to any other supported evaluation board.

Hardware used for this project:


Original author of the project: SEGGER staff.

Project download:

>> Click here to download project <<

To build the project the following packages are required:

  • Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Library Package (Version >= 2.22)
    (Download with the Embedded Studio Package Manager)