Bastler – The Platform for Embedded Projects is a platform from developers for developers. It does not only present new and innovative projects – embedded developers will also find that it has a very comprehensive software package to offer. With SEGGER Embedded Studio PRO a software package becomes available, which currently has no equal in the market in terms of abundance, flexibility and stability. Software, which before had only been available to professional users, can now also be accessed by hobbyists, students and geeks for their personal projects.

ESPRO - Included Products

SEGGER Quality

We @SEGGER have always used our own software in our hardware products. The market-leading position of SEGGER’s development tools wouldn’t have been achievable without the continuous improvement and extension of our middleware components. Today SEGGER’s J-Link debug probe is a tangible example to everyone with regards to versatile, solid and performant embedded systems. We use it to demonstrate the amount of performance that can be retrieved from a single microcontroller.

No Boundaries

SEGGER’s middleware is, when used, not limited to a specific product group though. This flexibility and diversity of SEGGER’s middleware leaves basically no boundaries to one’s creativity – from the smallest sensor to the most complex of IoT systems. Nowadays there is no product field in which SEGGER’s middleware is not deployed.

Software Package

We @SEGGER are proud of our software products’ quality as we firmly believe that, the more stable and flexible tools are, the more fun you will have working with them at the start of a new project. We therefore chose to grant access to our middleware to everyone interested and who is not using our software for commercial purposes.

SEGGER - Professional Tools free for non-commercial use

All that being said, is striving to be a kind of virtual showroom for the many projects that talented developers from all over the world have realized by using our software. From little helpers in everyday life to the most complex control systems for home automation: Everything is possible!

Present your project and get your reward (€€€) for sharing

Many leisure projects are so astonishing that they shouldn’t be kept from the general public. For some time, we were thinking about a way to make such projects available to everyone. We decided that is the ideal platform. Rather than starting yet another community, we reached the conclusion that great projects deserve a proper stage to be presented on – more precisely:

An emphasized presentation of projects, that demonstrates how quickly and easily everyday tasks and needs can be achieved with the help of professional development tools. This provides the sort of attention that these projects deserve and it may also be a source of motivation for others to put their ideas into practice. No matter where, no matter how; with SEGGER Embedded Studio PRO everybody can realize their projects and publish the intermediate stages and results. presents a wide range of functional projects, of which we believe that they offer a certain added value to others.

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To increase your motivation even further, we will award each project approved and presented with up to 1000 Euro!