To build one of the projects presented on, you need Embedded Studio and the Embedded Studio PRO library package. If both are installed on your host, you can immediately start to build and test the sample projects. If not, please follow the getting started guide to get everything up and running.

Getting started

To support enthusiastic engineers investing their spare time in great projects, SEGGER offers the embedded software Embedded Studio and Embedded Studio PRO free of charge for educational use, hobbyists and makers.

Getting started with Embedded Studio PRO to create your project is made as simple as possible. You can start with a fully configured project for one of the supported evaluation boards, including all applicable components or just embOS, or you select the components you want to use in your project and set up the configuration for your target hardware. Whatever works best for you, Embedded Studio PRO helps you to get everything you need as a foundation for your project.

Step 1 - Download and install Embedded Studio

Download the Embedded Studio Setup for your operating system and execute it. The graphical setup will guide you through the installation.

Download Embedded Studio from

Step 2 - Install Embedded Studio PRO core package

Before creating a new project make sure you have installed Embedded Studio PRO library package and the Support Packages for your evaluation board. Open Embedded Studio and open the Package Manager (Tools -> Package Manager...) , go to the SEGGER section and install the Embedded Studio PRO package.

Embedded Studio Package Manager - Step 1

Select the Embedded Studio PRO package and the Board Support Package for your device. If it is not installed yet, right-click on all packages that you want to install. Select “Install Selected Packages” and click Next.

Embedded Studio Package Manager - Step 2

The summary shows the packages which will be installed. Click Next to proceed. When all packages are installed, click Finish.

Embedded Studio Package Manager - Step 3

Step 3 - Create a new Embedded Studio PRO project

To create a new project open the Project Wizard (File -> New Project... (Shift+Ctrl+N)). If asked, select “Create the project in a new solution”. Search for the BSP Package for your device and choose “Embedded Studio PRO Project for…” (for example, Embedded Studio PRO Project for the ST STM32F746G-Discovery (ST STM32F746G) Board). You can enter a name and location for your new project. Then click Next, accept the suggested files which will be added to the project by clicking Next and Finish.

Embedded Studio PRO - Create Project - Step 1

Step 4 - Build and run your Embedded Studio PRO project

Your first Embedded Studio PRO project is ready to use. It includes the configuration for your board (for example, STM32F746G-Discovery) and all applicable software modules, which are embOS, emWin, emFile, embOS/IP, emWebemUSB-Device, emUSB-Host, emModbus, and emCompress.

First Embedded Studio PRO project

To build the via the menu Build -> Build MyFirstProject (F7).

First Embedded Studio PRO project - Build complete

Start the application via the menu Debug -> Go (F5). The debug session starts and the sample application runs to main(). Do some single steps Debug -> Step Over (F10) to see the application output of printf in the debug terminal.

First Embedded Studio PRO project - Debugger in action

Step 5 - Start your next embedded project

Design, build, debug and realize the projects you ever wanted.

Have fun. :)

Request the Embedded Studio PRO Crypto package

The Embedded Studio PRO Crypto package includes all security related SEGGER middleware products (in the current version emCrypt, emSecure, emSSL, emSSH).

The software in this package is classified as dual-use good according to Category 5, Part 2 “Information Security” of EC Regulation No 428/2009. Any export or transfer of the software with a destination outside the European Union requires an export permission (Art. 22 Abs. 8 and 10 EG-Dual-Use-VO), therefore the package can not be downloaded using Embedded Studio Package Manager. The download link for the package has to be request by SEGGER. The request is a simple and straightforward process. SEGGER will send you the download link via email after approving your request .

Please use the following link to request the Embedded Studio PRO Crypto package :