Sign Station CRC

The sign station can be used to generate a CRC checksum of a file. The sign station has to be connected to the host via USB. The host will enumerate the sign station. Thereafter, the sign station is available as a mass storage device (VIRT0) like a normal USB stick. To generate a CRC checksum of a file just copy it to the sign station. The sign station will generate the CRC checksum. The checksum is written in a text file (CRC.txt).

The sample shows how easy it is to build a trustworthy device that can be easily used with any well-known operating system.

Step by Step: Signing a file with the sign station

Step 1:

Sign Station 01

Connect the sign station to your host PC. After enumeration a new mass-storage-device (Virt0) will be available.

Step 2:

Sign Station 04

Open the sign station (Virt0) and open the Readme.txt.

Step 3:

Sign Station 05

Readme.txt describes how the sample works.

Step 4:

Sign Station 03

Copy a file to Virt0 and a CRC checksum for that file will be generated.

Evaluation Board used for this project:

  • STM32F746G-Disco

No additional hardware necessary.


Original author of the project: Trainee @SEGGER.

Project download:

>> Click here to download project <<

To build the project the following packages are required:

  • Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Library Package
    (Download with the Embedded Studio Package Manager)
  • Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Crypto Library Package
    (Please note that due to export regulations the Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Crypto Library Package is only available upon request. Please use the following link to request the Embedded Studio PRO Crypto package: