MIDI event display

Display Keyboard in use 01

This sample reads and visualizes MIDI events send by a MIDI controller. When a MIDI controller is connected and events are sent, the events are decoded and displayed on the virtual keyboard.

Display Keyboard in use 02

Running a finger over the virtual keyboard sends the played notes to all connected MIDI devices on the defined MIDI channel.

The sample project is build for ST STM32F746ng-Discovery board, but the sample application can be ported easily to any other supported evaluation board. For other LCD sizes, you have to configure dimensions accordingly.

Hardware used for this project:

  • STM32F746G-Disco
  • Keyboard to generate MIDI events


Original author of the project: SEGGER staff.

Project download:

>> Click here to download project <<

To build the project the following packages are required:

  • Embedded Studio PRO for Cortex-M Library Package (Version >= 2.22)
    (Download with the Embedded Studio Package Manager)